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We were created in the flesh and as such have weaknesses.

I have struggled with envy and jealousy, and want to share with you what I have learned from the experience. 

As with all problems in the spirit the solution lies in remembering that we were created to serve God and that when we fulfill our mission and carry it out everyone is the better for it.  Including ourselves.    

When our wants and desires are incompatible with serving God we are in conflict.

Instead of feeling envy and jealousy, God wants us to rejoice in another's success and wish them well.  God wants us to be honorable and feel honorable about our selves.

This is very difficult to do and requires significant effort and desire to serve God faithfully. 

Hopefully with understanding there will come the strength to overcome.  For you own sake it is healthy for you to act honorably. Act in a way that you will be proud of. You know yourself and if you see yourself as honorable you will feel better about yourself than if you self image is one of being dishonorable.

Now there is scientific research indicating that compassion has health benefits.

As Dr. James Doty said in an interview with Margret Aldrich in an interview for Experience Life,    "We know that when somebody is compassionate with intent, it actually increases vagal tone, which is the neuroconnection between your
brain, heart, and other organs in your body. When that happens, it downregulates your sympathetic nervous system and upregulates your parasympathetic nervous system."

These health benefits from compassion for the less fortunate are the same benefits gained for being honorable and rejoicing in the success of others.

It is all about serving God and the way we were created.   

God created us to thrive in his service.  Love, honor, and cherish each other and we all benefit due to the way we were created.



Find within yourself the strength to save yourself from yourself.


Do not expect God to save you from yourself. 

Along the line that God helps those who help themselves.


This message from God implies that you have the strength to save yourself from yourself – or God would not be telling you to find it within yourself.

Search yourself looking for this strength, with confidence that it is in you and that you can find it.


Updated 12.15.2015

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