A Primer on Truth

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I believe the take home point of this section will be the relationship between truth and doing God's will.

The secondary point will be how to recognize truth when it is not subject to scientific verification.  A preview to the answer is that it is a feeling, as in gut feeling.


The two ideas that intrigued me the most since the age of seven have been what it means to be true to oneself, and how to know what God’s will is.  It was not until February 1, 2012 that I realized the connection between these two ideas.

It turns out that they have a reciprocal relationship with each other, because the only way to be true to ones’ self is to do God’s will.

Also, there is a connection between truth and the personal relationship with God.  Imagine that a fiber optic cable is used to make the connection between God and yourself.  Light passes through the cable two ways communicating between you and God.  The less pure (less pure refers to the person’s unwillingness to do God’s will, and an unwillingness to be true to themselves) a person is the more impurities are in the persons' end of the cable causing interference with the communication from God. 

This interference with the communication from God is not God's doing.  It is not a punishment -- it is self imposed -- it is caused by a feeling of "shame."  This shame comes from knowing you have strayed from doing God's will and you no longer feel as worthy of God's connection as you did when you were on the right path.  (T.M. Luhrmann, When God Talks Back).  

People must be true to themselves (TRUTHFUL WITH THEMSELVES) to maximize the efficiency of the flow of this light through the cable.  A person can lie and be bad in their dealings with others but they cannot lie or hide from themselves.  This bad behavior puts impurities in their end of the cable.

The only way to be true to one’s self is to do God’s will.  When you do God’s will, you keep your end of the cable clean.  The more you stray from the path of God’s will the more you sully your end of the cable and make it all the more difficult to, clearly see the light that God is sending to you.

Why do you need a personal relationship with God?  You were created to serve God.  You need a clear line of communication with God to be able to serve him.  The cleaner your cable the more clearly you can see the light that God is sending to you, and the better able you are to fulfill the purpose of your creation.  It is the fulfillment of the purpose of your creation that gives you the greatest feeling of excitement, joy, peace, and satisfaction that you can experience.


Frequently, my human weakness (as in the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak), tempts me to want to take credit for the insights presented in this website.  However, to be true to myself and truthful with myself, I must give all the credit to the glory of God.

This willingness to resist this temptation, has kept my end of the cable clean and has permitted me to see these insights.

If I were to take credit for any of this, through justification or denial of the truth, my end of the cable would become polluted, and the stream of information to me would be more and more difficult to see through the polluted end of the cable.

As I understand it, my only contribution to this website is my willingness to do God's will, and be a slave to the truth even when it is difficult.

I present this self insight to you so you can have a concrete example to use, to more fully understand why it is so important to be true to yourself and truthful with yourself.     



To do God's will you have to know what God's will is.  To know what God's will is you have to have a clear line of communication to God.  To have a clear line of communication to God you have to be true to yourself (be truthful with yourself) -- meaning that you want to do God's will and be a slave to the truth.  You can lie to, and deceive, others but you cannot lie to or deceive yourself.  When you willfully thwart God's will it pollutes your end of the cable and you are unable to clearly see the light God is sending to you.  Therefore you must be true to yourself to be able to do God's will.


Do not perceive yourself through the eyes of other people.  Know who you are -- a child of God created to do God's will.  Doing so -- makes you the highest level of being anyone can aspire to be.


In the absence of fact, truth is determined by feeling.  You have the ability to sense truth from deceit.  You hone this skill through your personal relationship with God.  To do God's will you have to know what God's will is.  God's will is not communicated to you in form of fact, it is a strong feeling, associated with that little voice in your head. 

As you strive to know and do God's will, a side benefit is that you are making yourself into a better and better truth detector; because as you experience what truth feels like, as you recieve your feelings as to what God's will is, you learn what truth feels like.  Knowing what truth feels like makes you a better lie detector.



In the beginning you decided that you wanted to do God's will. 

You made this decision because you felt like it was something you wanted to do.  There was no factual basis for making this decision -- you used your gut feeling -- the ability to feel truth.  The ability that God gave you to use to feel his truth when you are ready to receive it.
Quickly, you found that to do God's will you have to know what God's will is.  At first, to know God's will you imagined what you thought God's will might be.  When you correctly imagined what God's will was you experienced a feeling of knowing the truth about God's will.  This repeated experience of feeling truth made you a better and better lie detector.

You learned to be true to yourself and truthful with yourself, despite your human weakness that tempts you to justify your own desires and deny the truth.  (God will not give you any temptations you are unable to resist. Corinthians.)  

You practiced imagining what God's will is and doing it -- keeping your end of the cable clean, so you can more and more clearly see the light God is sending to all of us. 

This practice has made you a better truth detector.  You are able to feel the truth when there is no factual basis to rely on.

You were created to be a truth detector and you hone your ability by wanting to do God's will, which is what you were created to do.

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